CompanyProfileF&M becomes Axians IT Solutions

FRITZ & MACZIOL is becoming Axians IT Solutions

On 1st January 2017, FRITZ & MACZIOL is changing its name to "Axians IT Solutions" and becoming part of the global Axians brand in every visible way.

Profit from additional opportunities with Axians

Our portfolio unites all components for your core ICT requirements and digital transformation under the Axians brand, always individually customised to meet your needs. This gives you new opportunities for shaping your business models quickly and agilely to digital requirements and accessing other market potentials. We provide you with the best team from our network for each challenge and each individual solution. Take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the global Axians with your local partners.

The core competence of the Axians companies in Germany:


The core competence of the Axians companies in Germany in IT solutions, IT security, network infrastructure and network technology is supplemented by vertical software solutions.

Facts & figures 2015: turnover 550 million euros // 1,700 employees // 24 cities

Image source: FRITZ & MACZIOL

Axians is the digital pioneer

Our ICT solutions support our customers' entire process chain. As a pioneer of digitalisation we understand the industry-specific challenges our customers face and help you to master these in a partnership of equals. So we handle the requirements of digital transformation in addition to infrastructure issues. With our help you can use technologies and applications in precisely the way you need, optimise processes and implement your digital business strategies efficiently and sustainably.

Added value through enhanced industry prowess

The Axians network includes 8,000 specialists in 15 countries. Valuable synergies emerge through collaboration with our affiliated brands and from their additional skills in the service sector, with energy infrastructures and in industrial technology. Our specialists prove this expertise on a daily basis with regard to all future issues. Thanks to the strengths and synergies in the Axians network, we cover all the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.


Axians – ICT brand of VINCI Energies

The global ICT brand Axians
Since 2015, all the worldwide ICT activities of VINCI Energies have been united under the Axians brand. Axians is the global brand of VINCI Energies for solutions and services in the information & communication technologies (ICT) field.

Facts & figures 2015: turnover 1.7 billion euros // 8,000 employees // 200 business units // 15 countries

Axians in Germany
Axians in Germany is an agile corporate network of specialised ICT service providers and software manufacturers, including Axians GA Netztechnik GmbH, Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH, Crocodial GmbH (from 1st January Axians IT Security), FRITZ & MACZIOL GmbH (from 1st January Axians IT Solutions) and INFOMA Software Consulting GmbH (from 1st January Axians Infoma).

Facts & figures 2015: turnover 550 million euros // 1,700 employees // 24 cities

VINCI Energies
Since October 2014, FRITZ & MACZIOL has been part of VINCI Energies, a division of VINCI, the French concessions and construction group. VINCI Energies is split into five brands with specialist industry know-how: Axians, Actemium, Omexom, VINCI Facilities and Citeos.

Facts & figures 2015: turnover 10 billion euros // 65,400 employees // 1,600 business units // 51 countries