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Long-term satisfied customers is our driving force and the aim of the work we do every day. More than 3,000 customers that we have worked in partnership with over the years can confirm this. Whether public facilities, medium-sized companies or large concerns: with the most modern of technologies our experts help to make your processes more efficient when it comes to technology, organisation and administration.

From Ulm out into the world

What began as a system and consulting house 25 years ago is today a well-known component within the IT world. Then, as now, we look after both generalists and specialists, with a holistic portfolio of hardware, software, services and consulting in selected fields.

Trends and technologies

Whether it be virtualisations, methods for cloud computing, Business Analytics or Managed Services within the framework of our Managed-Dienstware® offering, we implement the appropriate services and technologies. We also ensure functional communication processes, for example, within the framework of groupware and collaboration applications or via internal company social networks.

In doing so, we recognise and evaluate trends and technologies early, for example, Machine-to-Machine communication, Apps, Fabric Computing, Bring your own Device, Big Data, Social Media and many more.

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Best partners, best solutions

We offer the highest quality and supply it to our customers. This is made possible by our close partnerships with the IT leaders of the world market, for example, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, EMC and Cisco, and the highest relevant certifications. This gives our customers constant access to the latest technologies. We offer manufacturer-independent consulting in order to always realise the optimum appropriate solution for the needs of our customers.

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Everywhere in Germany

We know the challenges our customers face. We understand our customers and interested parties from medium and large companies. On site, our experts speak to you at your level and always keep a close eye on the overall picture. This holistic approach to consultancy is reflected in the numerous successful projects implemented over the years. Well-developed pragmatism, one-hundred percent precision and predictive intelligence characterise the whole of the dealings of the company throughout Germany in 13 subsidiaries.

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A shared direction

As the uppermost executive committee of FRITZ & MACZIOL Germany, the members of our management board form an intelligent network of complementary competences and experiences. The advantage of the united sales, service and management structure: even better exploitation of the synergies from the close cooperation of the departments. In addition, the intensive exchange amongst ourselves improves the quality of decisions in a sustainable way. And our customers are the first to benefit from this.

A history in images

A mission, from the very beginning

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Hardware, Software and Services: with this business model style, a revolutionary one at the time, Heribert Fritz and Eberhard Macziol founded their company in just a few days at the end of 1987 . Even then the focus was on training. Six trainees and eleven employees formed the initial team.

Foundation stone for success

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The first Christmas celebration held on 18th December 1987 in Schwanen in Illertissen. The most important present was probably a certificate. This certificate confirmed that FRITZ & MACZIOL was, with immediate effect, a partner of IBM. And this successful partnership remains in place today.

In the heart of Ulm

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The move to Frauenstrasse 22 in February 1988. Here, the development of the company's first own software products began. Parallel to this, the founding of INFOMA, which initially handled business with medium and large computers. At the 1.7 million mark point, the turnover for March was considerable.

Growth requires space

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The growth of the initial years was enormous at 30 to 50 percent. In June 1988, IBM introduced the first AS/400 to the market, the first system that bundled hardware and software and the first platform for INFOMA applications. The move to the current headquarters in Hörvelsinger Weg took place in 1992. The number of employees had increased to 42 by this time.

What two began

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Up to 2000, FRITZ & MACZIOL won over numerous large customers, not just thanks to the newly set up sales initiated in the mid 90s. 2001 saw the founding of the first offices, the wider development that would later be followed by internationalisation. At the same time, the headquarters in Ulm were extended and the company's first own computer centre was built...

What two began

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...during this process, the growth remained very dynamic. On average, the turnover in the first twenty years increased by 31 percent per year, the number of employees by around 21 percent. A growth that resulted in the establishment of the FRITZ & MACZIOL Management Boards in 2011. (Photograph)

25 reasons to celebrate

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More than 1,000 employees, a group turnover of 364 million euros: the anniversary year sees FRITZ & MACZIOL continuing the success story without interruptions. The result is, primarily, thanks to the dedication of the employees in the group who have, as in the previous 25 years, given their all. But the structure and process organisation was also further developed in 2012, a stable basis for growth for the coming 25 years.

IBM pays the highest recognition

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Mark Hennessy, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners awards the den Laureate Award to Heribert Fritz in March 2013.

The F&M success story: we have been understanding IT for over 25 years!

Growing with the customer

We found our way to the top thanks to our customers. We grew with them, which enabled us to fulfil the requirements of internationally orientated companies. Alongside a location in Switzerland, the FRITZ & MACZIOL group also has subsidiaries on the Philippines and in Singapore. The most important link between the technology and the users in a company is formed by more than 1,000 motivated employees. They implement our values, our experiences and our expertise.

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